Storms cause damage in Central Florida

Strong storms topple trees, lightning strikes home


ORLANDO, Fla. – Storms ripped across Central Florida on Friday, causing damage to cars and homes in the area.

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In Maitland, the strong storms toppled trees on Maitland Boulevard and lightning struck a home nearby.

David Bonner's car was hit by part of a tree that came crashing down on his car and described what happened.

"It just fell right on the windshield. Obviously I braked and stopped real fast," said Bonner. "Your first instinct is what is going on?"

The tree covered the eastbound lanes of Maitland Boulevard landing not only on his car, but another vehicle.

Maitland Boulevard from Sandspur to Maitland Avenue was closed as crews removed parts of the tree from the road.


Not far away, a house caught on fire after homeowners said it was struck by lightning, leaving a large hole in her roof.

Doris Mahoney said she was sitting inside when she heard a loud bang.

"It sounded like a when something hits a transformer but a little bit louder and more like glass," said Mahoney. "My mind was I hope nothing blows up and let me get out of here."

Mahoney told Local 6 she and her husband will be staying with family Friday night.

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The chance for rain stands at 30 percent on Saturday and 20 percent on Sunday.