Kitten rides across town in engine compartment

Tiny kitten saved by mechanic


ORLANDO, Fla. – A driver looking to get an engine check found much more when the faint meowing of a cat was heard trapped under the hood of the car.

The faint, meager meows of a kitten are what saved her life on Saturday. Dialiahel Odllakoff, a mechanic at Two Guys Tires and Auto Repair on North John Young Parkway in Orlando, heard the cries.

"Basically he got in through the tire and the cover," said Odllakof. He explained that the kitten somehow crawled up over the tire, into the wheel well of the Toyota Corolla, and under the shock tower inside the engine compartment.

Odllakof was stunned that the kitten survived the ride across town. He said the car's owner, who brought in the car for an alignment, came from the University of Central Florida. Odllakof said the car's owner didn't know how the cat got into the engine compartment or who it belonged to.

Odllakof called 911 and firefighters had to pull apart the engine compartment to free the kitten, which is doing fine.

Odllakof decided to adopt the kitten and name it, appropriately, "Meow."