Deltona Burger King assistant manager took bank bag to 'teach co-worker a lesson'

Montrale Hamilton charged with grand theft


DELTONA, Fla. – A Deltona Burger King assistant manager has been arrested after deputies say he took the bank bag from the store to teach his "careless" co-worker a lesson.

Montrale Hamilton, 32, faces a felony charge of grand theft after the incident last week at the Burger King on Elkcam Boulevard.

Deputies said Hamilon saw a deposit bag on the floor at work on Thursday next to the safe and thought that his other assistant manager had dropped it while doing deposits.

Hamilton said he put the bag in the safe, but later removed it and brought it home with him to teach the other assistant manager a lesson, according to the report.

The store manager noticed the bag was missing on Friday and questioned the assistant managers. Hamilton initially said he hadn't seen the bag but later admitted to taking the bag after the manager told all the employees that they would be required to undergo a polygraph examination and that if the culprit returned the money, the owner might not press charges, according to the report.

Deputies said Hamilton told the manager he took the bag and returned it, still sealed, with the nearly $1,400 cash. Hamilton told deputies he had meant to bring it back to work on Friday morning but forgot it.

He was arrested and booked into the Volusia County jail.