Algae increase results in fish kills in Orange County

More algae in the summer means less oxygen for fish

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Residents along Orange County's Lake Gigi are dealing with dozens of dead fish.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, the fish kill is likely the result of low dissolved oxygen levels due to an increase in algae.

Amy Daniels has lived near the lake, which is off of Apopka Vineland Road near Old Winter Garden Road, for almost five years and says she has never seen anything like this.

"It smells awful.  It smells like dead fish," Daniels said.

Fish kills are common in the hot summer months when algae and vegetation increase, causing dissolved oxygen levels to drop, suffocating the fish.

Daniels says the lake's pump also stopped working after being struck by lightning earlier this summer. That could also contribute to the lower oxygen levels.

Representatives from the Fish and Wildlife Commission tell Local 6 they are investigating who is responsible for cleaning up the lake.

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