Lake Mary police look into iPad video in George Zimmerman scuffle

Zimmerman attorney Mark O'Mara says he won't represent him in domestic violence incident

LAKE MARY, Fla. – Lake Mary police continue to investigate whether George Zimmerman threatened his estranged wife, as she originally told authorities, and video on the couple's shattered iPad may determine if charges will be filed in the case.


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At a news conference Tuesday, Lake Mary Police Officer Zach Hudson said Shellie Zimmerman was recording the incident with her iPad, but it is in several pieces and needed to be examined in a lab. The iPad video, along with other surveillance video will be released on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

"We live in a video world ... and the iPad was used to record the events of what happened before and during the confrontation," Hudson said.

As for the surveillance video, Hudson said, "most of the footage we got from that is the after effects of a confrontation.  People pointing to each other.  People yelling at each other.  That kinda thing.  Nothing conclusive."

Shellie Zimmerman said in the 911 call that George Zimmerman "took my iPad out of my hands. He then smashed it and cut it with a pocketknife, and there is a Lake Mary city worker across the street that I believe saw all of it."

Hudson also said on Tuesday that police searched George Zimmerman at gunpoint and found no gun him. He also said neither Shellie Zimmerman, nor her father, saw a gun, despite Shellie Zimmerman telling dispatchers that George had a gun.

George Zimmerman's attorney, former Local 6 legal analyst Mark O'Mara, also said George Zimmerman had a gun holstered to his body.

Shellie Zimmerman's father, David Dean, will not be charged, Hudson said, leaving either Shellie or George Zimmerman to face charges, if anyone is prosecuted.

Lake Mary police will hold another news conference at 5 p.m. You can watch it live on ClickOrlando.com.

Monday's uproar at a home in an Orlando suburb is the latest in a string of incidents in which Zimmerman has landed in the news since his acquittal in July of all charges for fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

"Stay out of harm's way, man," Zimmerman's friend, Frank Taaffe, said of Zimmerman. "Everybody's looking at you. If you slip and you fall, people are going to be right there.  Use your head, man. Use your head."

On the 911 call, Shellie Zimmerman is sobbing and repeating "Oh my God" as she talks to a police dispatcher. She yells at her father to get inside the house, saying Zimmerman may start shooting at them.

But as police pressed her for information, and after talking to her attorney, she declined to press charges.


O'Mara said on Tuesday he won't represent George Zimmerman in the domestic issue from Monday. He will continue to represent Zimmerman in the NBC lawsuit and sanctions and costs from his second-degree murder trial.

O'Mara also reportedly canceled his Viera appearance where he was expected to receive an award.

The incident came days after Shellie Zimmerman filed for divorce and discussed her relationship with George Zimmerman during a TV interview.

George Zimmerman is still legally allowed to carry a weapon.

Since being acquitted in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has been pulled over twice for speeding.

Lake Mary is located about 20 miles north of Orlando and 5 miles southwest of Sanford, where Zimmerman fatally shot Martin.

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