Osceola County teacher under investigation over explicit video

Teacher accused of showing 'Butt Face Dance' video in class with minors


OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – An Osceola County teacher is under investigation by school officials after a student says she saw a suggestive and explicit video in class.

Gregory Hobbs is an instructor and department head at Technical Education Center Osceola (TECO), a vocational school where both teens and adults attend classes.

Kathy Ryan told Local 6 that a student pulled up a YouTube video of a Brazilian dance called "Butt Face Dance" and shared it with another student in class last week.

Then they showed it to Hobbs, who pulled it up on his phone.

"I watched him download this video, the butt face dance video," said Ryan. "If I were a parent, I'd want to know what's going in class."

The almost three minute long video shows a woman slamming her butt into men's faces.

Ryan said Hobbs played the entire video with a crowd of students surrounding him and watching. She said its possible several minors in class also saw the dance.

"He thinks there's nothing wrong with showing this video on the phone, with 12 people standing around watching this video," Ryan said.

Ryan shared her concerns with the principal and the Osceola School District in a letter, stating she believed the video is explicit, graphic, and against FECO policy.

Local 6 reached out to the school district. They gave this statement:

"Our HR department has opened an investigation and we will not be able to provide you with information until the investigation is complete."

Local 6 did contact Hobbs, but has not gotten a response.

Ryan said she was told by the principal that Hobbs will be back in class Tuesday teaching.

View the video here:

WARNING: Video is sexually explicit.