Lake Mary police release report in George Zimmerman domestic dispute

Video still being extracted from Shellie Zimmerman's iPad


LAKE MARY, Fla. – Lake Mary police have released more information in a police report on Wednesday in the alleged domestic disturbance incident between George Zimmerman and his wife.

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In the report, George Zimmerman claimed that Shellie Zimmerman was taking things that didn't belong to her from the house they both lived in together. He also told police that he took Shellie's iPad because she was hitting him with it.

Shellie Zimmerman and her father, David Dean, both said in the report that George Zimmerman banged the iPad and pried it open with a knife before throwing it.

Dean also said to George Zimmerman in the midst of the incident, "what are you going to do? Shoot me?"

The report also states that George Zimmerman was taking photos of his wife removing belongings from the house in the moments before the dispute.

Shellie Zimmerman, who recently filed for divorce, said that Zimmerman showed up at the house while she was removing belongings, stuck his arm inside her father's truck parked outside the house and then locked the front door to the house.


The focus of the investigation is not-yet-released video from Shellie Zimmerman's broken iPad, which police say was recording the incident as it happened. Shellie Zimmerman says her husband broke the iPad.

Police confirmed on Wednesday morning that the Seminole County Sheriff's Office has the iPad and the digital forensics unit is reviewing it. Officer Zach Hudson said the iPad has major damage and it may take months to get the video.

"It's exhaustive, but very inconclusive, and that's why that iPad video was so critical to what we're trying to do, and we don't have that, and we may never have that," Hudson said. "When you have a domestic, and there's a divorce involved, there's a lot of emotions running high. People make allegations and counter allegations.  All of that is pretty normal stuff."

Hudson said they won't file charges until the iPad video is retrieved.

Authorities said there was a delay in getting the iPad to the sheriff's office because Shellie Zimmerman was slow to give written permission and passwords to her iPad. Lake Mary police said they are looking for evidence that George Zimmerman assaulted Shellie or if Shellie Zimmerman hit George with the iPad, which George claims.

Without video from the iPad or some other piece of independent evidence, legal experts say it will be hard to build a case because Shellie Zimmerman changed her story about her husband threatening her with a gun and decided not to press charges.

Police released surveillance video and dash camera video from the incident on Tuesday, a day after Shellie Zimmerman called authorities saying her husband threatened her with a gun. The video showed George Zimmerman in handcuffs as officers first responded, along with home surveillance video showing Shellie and George arguing in the driveway.

The incident came days after Shellie Zimmerman filed for divorce and discussed her relationship with George Zimmerman during a TV interview.

George Zimmerman is still legally allowed to carry a weapon.

Since being acquitted in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has been pulled over twice for speeding.

Lake Mary is located about 20 miles north of Orlando and 5 miles southwest of Sanford, where Zimmerman fatally shot Martin.

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