Florida toddler in mower accident gets new prosthetic legs

3-year-old Ireland Nugent's dreams of becoming ballerina may come true

Ireland Nugent.
Ireland Nugent.

ORLANDO, Fla. – A Tampa girl whose legs were severed in a lawnmower incident in April received a new pair of prosthetic legs on Thursday in Orlando.

To 3-year-old Ireland Nugent, going to Orlando Prosthetics Associates is like a field trip with her friends.

"She doesn't know the difference or that anything is out of the ordinary," her mother, Nicole Nugent, said. "It's a new toy for her. She doesn't realize how important it is."

Bone spurs kept Ireland from using her first pair of prosthetic legs for longer than a few weeks when they were put on back in June. She has since outgrown them anyway.

Ireland dreams of being a ballerina one day, and with her new legs, that's a dream her parents hope to help her achieve. 

Ireland will have to return to Orlando every three-to-four months depending on how quickly she grows.

"We take it day by day and as long as she's happy were happy," said Nugent.

The continuous process is costly and the family is constantly fundraising money for Ireland's new legs. Visit her website for more information on how you can help.