Family fights intruder in home invasion

Intruder told couple armed person was chasing him


ORLANDO, Fla. – A couple at Pointe Vista Apartments on American Boulevard got a terrifying visit Wednesday night from a stranger that stormed into their apartment and attacked them.

Debra Jordan was watching television with her grandchildren when she said 23-year-old Michelel Dorcelus burst right into the apartment.

"When he first came in he was shouting, 'somebody's chasing me with a gun,'" said Debra's husband Russell Jordan. He tried getting Dorcelus to leave, but instead it got physical.

"We was here struggling and somehow he threw a punch and hit that wall," said Russell.

Monique Torres, Jordan's neighbor, heard the commotion.

"As he was inside, all you could here is Mr. Jordan and his wife screaming, and the kids were screaming."

Russell said he tried opening the front door, but Dorcelus kept slamming it shut.

"His main concern was keeping us from opening that door because he thought someone was going to shoot him," Russell said.

After realizing there was no way out, Dorcelus jumped out the couple's second story window.

"He jumped out the window like superman, got up and started running," said Torres.

While at the apartments, deputies were alerted to a nearby store where where they found Dorcelus semi conscious. According to the report, they believe he was on drugs.

Dorcelus was arrested and taken into custody.