Need to lose weight? Try looking at photos of food

New study says it may help you shed unwanted pounds


Most people find the tons of food photos that are posted on social media websites annoying; but it turns out those photos may actually help you lose weight.

According to the Daily Mail, Brigham Young University researchers have completed a study that suggests that looking at too many photos of food makes it less enjoyable to eat, meaning you will consume much less of it.

Researchers asked 232 people to look at pictures of food. They divided the group into two sections; half looked at 60 pictures of salty food and the other half looked at 60 photos of sweet food.

Participants rated each picture based on how appetizing it looked, and once that was complete, researchers gave them peanuts as a snack. They were then asked to rate how much they enjoyed eating the peanuts.

It turns out, the group that looked at the salty foods said they enjoyed the peanuts much less, even though they had never actually looked at a pictures of peanuts.

Researchers said it could be because of something called 'sensory boredom'-- by overwhelming your eyes with too many images of a particular food, you may actually be becoming bored with a similar food on your plate before you even take a bite.

They did say, however, that in order for the sensory boredom to kick in, you would have to look at many photos of a particular food, not just one or two.

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