Brevard County family holds 'government shutdown' yard sale

Subcontracted worker for KSC out of work, tries to make ends meet


TITUSVILLE, Fla. – A Brevard County family is sending a message to Washington DC as they hold a "Government Shutdown" garage sale to make ends meet.

Pierre Gravelat works for a company contracted by NASA to do technical work for the Kennedy Space Center and since Tuesday, he's been out of a job. Gravelat tells Local 6 since he is sub-contracted with KSC he likely won't be getting backpay when the shutdown is over.

"It's going to hit us hard pretty soon because we have a son in college, we have another son here and we have bills of course," Gravelat said. "So every dollar we can make today is going to help."

Gravelat and his wife planned the yard sale since the shutdown, including selling anything from board games to cameras.

"It's kind of sadly, funny. I think you have to find humor in everything you do because this is what keeps you alive and keeps you kicking," Gravelat said.

The Gravelats say they have made about $70 on Friday and plan on being open on Saturday.