Teen walking home attacked by pit bull in Orlando

Animal Control officers say owners have been fined

ORLANDO, Fla. – A teenager walking along Ibsen Avenue in Orlando was attacked by a neighbor's dog Saturday afternoon.

Animal Control officers told Local 6 the owners have been fined, but they did not remove the pit bull from the home.

"I thought he was going to bite me and take my leg off," said Kenny Rivera, 17.

Rivera said he was walking home from getting his hair cut when his neighbor's pit bull attacked him, biting his right leg.

Neighbors told Local 6 the same dog attacked a small dog last month.

"It's terrible, they should have put him down right when he did that -- when he attacked the dog," said Pat Fisher.

The owners of the pit bull told Local 6 off camera that their dog was inside with them, and there's no way he could have attacked Rivera.

However, Rivera said he's certain it's the dog that attacked him, saying he can't forget seeing the dog's blue collar as it was biting him.

"I see it come out of the house and I described it just how it is. It was brown, light brown and everything," said Rivera. "I knew who the dog was."

Rivera said he's worried for his baby cousins and other children in the neighborhood.

"The dog is dangerous, and I don't want that to happen to somebody else, just like it happened to me today," he said.

Animal Control officers at the scene told Local 6 the dog will be quarantined at home for ten days. They wouldn't comment on whether they have been to the house before.