Family discovers elk on backyard trampoline

Animal entered through opening in netting


EVERGREEN, Colo. – Finding an elk in the backyard of a Colorado home isn't out of the ordinary. Finding that elk on a backyard trampoline is a whole other story.


A family in Evergreen, Colorado watched as a young elk poked its head through the entrance of a trampoline. Suddenly, it climbed onto the trampoline and jumped around.

"The elk's friend on the outside actually looks like he wants to get in and join the fun while the mom looks on," wrote Greg Chase, the homeowner.

Shortly after it climbed on the trampoline, it became clear the elk was scared and trying to find a way out. Chase and his family grew worried because there was a hole in the trampoline.

"Scare the other ones away and pull the tarp -- the opening," Chase's wife says in the video.

"We'll get him out of there," Chase says.

After about three minutes of running and jumping around in the trampoline, the young elk is able to find the opening and get off.

Elk on trampoline