Marion County high school football player had pocketknife on field, cops say

Teen arrested, suspended after pocketknife found in waistband during game

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – A Lake Weir High School football player has been suspended after bringing a pocketknife on the field during Friday night's game, according to deputies.

Trevante Taylor, 18, was arrested after deputies found a pocketknife tucked in his waist band.

Deputies say it was just before half time, another student told the principal, who told the school resource officer.

According to reports, Taylor told deputies he "forgot" to put the knife in his football locker before the game.

"The kids look up to him- they see him with a knife and say, 'oh maybe I could bring one,'" said Betty Chong, a Lake Weir grandparent.

Taylor was charged with possession of a weapon on a school campus.

"I'm glad for that because every time you hear on the news, some other kid shot another kid, or used a knife on him, they think they can get away with it- but oh no they don't," said Chong.

The school board will decide if Taylor will be expelled or placed at an alternative school, according to school board spokesperson Kevin Christian.