Trapper captures 9-foot alligator in Brevard County

Sheriff's deputy helps load beast into truck

A trapper captures a 9-foot gator in Brevard County.
A trapper captures a 9-foot gator in Brevard County.

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. – A 9-foot alligator was captured on Merritt Island after it crawled under a man's car around 8 a.m., but it could've stayed longer if it wasn't for a neighbor's dog.

Champ, the 6-year-old yellow lab, was peering through his favorite window this morning. He usually is on the look-out for cats and other dogs, but today he noticed something that he'd never seen before.

"He was going crazy. I came outside and my wife says there's a gator outside," said Ken Champion.

The estimated 9-footer was hanging out underneath a parked car when the wildlife trapper arrived. Neighbors watched as the trapper tried to lure the gator away from the car, in an area where he could safely capture it.

"My concern was that we have a lot of families walking their dogs early in the morning, small dogs and children," Champion said.

After finally crawling away from the car, the trapper successfully lassoed the alligator. It then rolled numerous times in the street before being dragged into a lawn where it was taped and then put into the back of the trapper's truck.

Christina Lehmann and her husband are visiting from Switzerland and witnessed the whole thing.

"I've sent pictures to Switzerland and they call back and are like 'what -- a gator on your street?'" said Lehmann.

Because the gator is of a certain size, wildlife officers say it will be euthanized and used for harvesting.

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