Avalon Park homeowners hope to catch 'serial egger' with surveillance video

House egged 4 times, homeowners sa


AVALON PARK, Fla. – Homeowners in Avalon Park say they have captured the latest in a series of egging incidents on camera, and they hope the video will help identify the suspect.

The victims live on Anastasia Lane in Avalon Park, where they say their house and cars have been egged 4 times. They say the eggings did not take place around Halloween.

They reported the latest to their neighborhood watch group after it happened November 2. Besides making a mess, the egging even caused a dent above the family's garage.

Neighborhood Watch Captain Nina Yoakum says she doesn't want the egger to face any criminal charges, but she wants the vandalisms to stop.

"We want to cut it out right here and now," said Yoakum.

The family thinks they know who's responsible, but they hope a parent will recognize the white 4-door sedan seen in the surveillance video and have a talk with their child.