Central Florida dad's Christmas movie hits store shelves

Screenwriter Ricky Roxburgh's 'Saving Santa' available across the nation


A Central Florida dad had his first  animated screenplay debut this week in Walmart stores across the country.

Ricky Roxburgh said two years ago, he was hunched over his computer at home, writing Act Two of "Saving Santa." The screenwriter, husband, and father of two, has written several animated features but this is the first time his screenplay made it all the way.

"It's not as simple as everybody thinks like you just write it and oh it just comes out and it gets made-- its a long difficult process --and when any one of these movies comes out it's a miracle," said Roxburgh.

Saving Santa is about a low-ranking elf, Bernard, who saves Santa and Christmas-- by traveling back in time twice. Bernard is voiced by Martin Freeman and the evil villain trying to invade the North Pole is Tim Curry.

Roxburgh said his two girls have already watched his movie four times.

"I hope my kids see this and say, ya know, dad had the guts to follow his heart and follow his dreams and hopefully they;; do the same when they get older," Roxburgh said.

Watch the trailer for the movie below.