Sentence reduced for Melbourne driver who hit, killed fishermen

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Vincent Worbington says he's done over 100 hours of community service since he ran over three fisherman, killing two last April.

On Thursday, Judge David Silverman recognized that service by reducing his license suspension from 10 years to 5.

Worbington, 43, looked down at his cell phone as he crossed the Eau Gallie Causeway late April 1. Before he could look up, he had veered onto the shoulder, running over and killing two fisherman and severely injuring another.

The law says it's only a case of careless driving and one of the victim's mother doesn't agree.

"The laws and legislation has to change. The laws here have to change and it's up to us to make it happen," said Patricia Viccaro, whose son Garrett died in the accident.

Viccaro says that Worbington has shown remorse over the last few months by completing a 12-hour memorial for the two men that lost their lives, but she still believes that Worbington should be charged with vehicular homicide.

"You make a choice to drive a car, it's a privilege and if you make decisions you reap the consequences," she said.

She says that she plans on working to get stricter laws in place for careless driving and also hopes she's getting the word out for Garrett.

"He would do it for me. I want him to be proud of me and to not let his life go in vain," said Viccaro.

The judge also mentioned that the suspension can drop to three years if Worbington speaks to a local school or congregation about the dangers of texting-and-driving.

The court also ruled that Worbington will get a restricted license to go to work when his community service is completed.

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