UCF hosts annual Spirit Splash during Homecoming Week


ORLANDO, Fla. – It's wet, wild and flat out fun. One day a year, students flood the Reflecting Pond on campus for a homecoming tradition unlike any other.

Cold water, loud chants and flying ducks, the University of Central Florida's annual Spirit Splash has been pumping students up for the last 18 homecomings.

"You have all this adrenaline. Everybody's pushing you in and with all the music going on it's a fun time," said UCF student Kenzy Isnady.

Knightro, Coach George O'Leary and even UCF great Dante Culpepper were there too kick off the nation's best tradition. Students say that this year's Spirit Splash was easily the most crowded. One reason, the Knight's are the top team in their conference and ranked 21st in the nation.

But in the midst of loud music, dancing and cheering -- there's still one thing that can make the student body get even crazier -- flying ducks.

"The ducks are super cute and I didn't get one so I'm super mad. But I love the ducks, it's a cool thing we have," said UCF student Ayla Arrebola.

5,000 T-shirts and 2,500 custom made ducks were use today.

The Knight's kick off against Houston at 7 p.m. Saturday night and tickets are still available.

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