WKMG-TV, Dyle team up to offer Local 6 on mobile devices


ORLANDO, Fla. – WKMG-TV (Local 6) in Orlando has partnered with Dyle, a mobile TV service that allows viewers to watch the station without the need of 3G, WiFi or the use of a data plan.

According to Dyle, viewers will be able to enjoy local news, weather, entertainment, sports, national programming and other can't-miss televised events -- all on a mobile device, and all currently for free.

Dyle uses a special broadcast signal separate from a terrestrial signal that allows viewers to tune in to Local 6, and it's completely separate from cellular service.

All viewers need is a Dyle-enabled device, like a smartphone or tablet, and a free app.

The Dyle device is available where all appliances are sold.

Meanwhile, another Dyle mobile TV compatible device hit the market in May 2013.  

The Belkin Mobile TV Receiver is now available, boasting the following features:

  • No-charge required – Ready to use out of the box 
  • Pass-through charging – Watch TV while charging your Apple device
  • Pre-loaded markets/channels – No scanning required
  • Signal meter – Enables optimal reception positioning
  • Titanium antenna – Retracts, bends for long life