Search continues for Deltona mom

Texas Equusearch joins efforts to find Yessenia Suarez, children


VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – After nine hours on horseback, Texas Equusearch volunteers saw no sign of Yessenia Suarez or her two children.

"Everyday, after the day ends, I feel defeated," said Ruben Perez, the missing mom's step-father, who met with volunteers on Saturday to review the search plans.

"I haven't lost hope, I know that we will find them and bring them back home no matter how we find them," Perez said.

The search and rescue group, which has helped find missing people across the country, started early Saturday morning and traveled five square miles, but saw no sign of Suarez or the kids, who disappeared three weeks ago and are presumed dead.

"We know where she's not, that I can tell you, so we eliminate and we keep moving on," said David Rader, a director with Texas Equusearch.

The man who knows the most, Suarez's husband Luis Toledo, is keeping silent behind bars.

He admitted to killing his wife, but refuses to tell deputies where her body is.

Over a dozen volunteers will be back on their horses Sunday morning, and they plan on staying in town as long as it takes.

"Tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow is another hope. You know, if I lost, I'll get back up again," said Perez.