Equusearch prepares for day 3 of search for missing woman, kids

Texas Equusearch may bring in new technology for search


DELTONA, Fla. – Volunteers from Texas Equusearch are preparing for day three of their search for Yessenia Suarez and her two children, and they may add new technology to their efforts.

The family has been missing, and presumed dead, for nearly three weeks.

"I think we may be bringing in our little drone airplane. We can cover a lot of ground with it," said Miller.

According to Miller, the drone can take video and pictures and even detect if land has been recently disturbed. Monday searchers will focus on three exits off I-4, closest to the family's home.

Sunday night Suarez' family held a vigil at the Spanish-speaking Seventh-day Adventist Church on Doyle Road in Deltona. About 75 people lit candles and asked for their fath to guide them to Yessenia and her children.

Meanwhile, both Texas Equusearch's efforts and the family's own search turned up empty.

Ruben Perez rode an ATV off State Road 17- 92 for hours Sunday.

He got off every few minutes to wade through water or turn over trash all in hopes of finding his step daughter Yessenia.

Texas Equusearch teams were at it again after finding nothing Saturday.

Sunday's search extended to Sanford in the woods neighboring the Central Florida Zoo near Lake Monroe.

Hundreds of people have been scouring Central Florida since Yessenia and her children were reported missing on October 22, and crews tell Local 6 they are beginning to grow frustrated.

Investigators remain tight-lipped about why they were searching in these areas.

But the man who knows the most, Yessenia's husband, Luis Toledo is keeping silent behind bars.

He admitted to killing his wife, but refuses to tell deputies where her body is or what happened to the children.