US Women's Soccer team hitches ride with Central Florida fans

Local 6 News at 6:00p
Local 6 News at 6:00p

 More than 20,000 fans turned out to watch the U.S. Women's Soccer team defeat Brazil Sunday. But it was what happened the day before that had the team thanking fans on social media.

The team's bus broke down outside the Citrus Bowl after Saturday's practice.  Star Hope Solo tweeted a picture with the caption "What happens when your bus breaks down?  Just catch a ride from our dedicated fans."

Team member Sydney LeRoux shared with her followers a photo, smiling in the backseat of a mini van with ecstatic looking fans. She wrote, "Our bus broke down at the stadium.  Option A:  Hitchhike with fans.  Option B:  Wait.  What do you think we did?"

Osceola County teenager Carley Painter and her mom gave some of the women a ride to their hotel. Among them was her idol Abby Wambach, who tweeted, "Thanks to you all for the ride home today, buddy.  Hopefully I'll be able to return the favor someday."

Painter responded, 'Abby followed me.  My life is complete.  #dreambig."

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