Web Extra: Drug Dictionary

Here are some common terms Local 6 has gathered from a combination of sources including police, drug counselors, on-line and drug users themselves.

Remember no list is ever complete, as the names are constantly changing. Some are used regionally and may change from state to state or even city to city. In addition, a term may have separate meanings in different communities.

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  • Ecstasy - molly (molecule) , rolls, stacks, moons,caps, X, beans, skittles, candy, E, MDMA, circles
  • Marijuana - trees, green, kush, dro, zona, hydro
  • Ketamine (an anesthetic used in humans and animals) - Special K, Vitamin K, breakfast cereal, K, Ket
  • Coricidin / DXM (cough syrup) - Triple C, CCC, skittles (red pills), tussin, dexing (abusing cough syrup)
  • Crystal Meth - gas, shards,glass, Christina Aguilera, crank, speed, chalk
  • Heroin - antifreeze, dope, brown sugar, horse, tar, train
  • Cocaine - snow, Charlie, dust, lady, snowbird, yahoo
  • Rig- needle used to inject heroin
  • Crunk- to get drunk and high at the same time.
  • Ritalin- pineapple, ritz, kiddie coke, rids
  • Vaping- using an e-cigarette
  • Robotripping- using cough syrup
  • Sizzurp- a mixture of Promethazine w/Codine syrup, fruit flavored soda and a Jolly rancher.