Florida state senators propose higher speed limits

New law could mean 75 mile per hour limits on interstates


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Two state senators are heading a bipartisan effort to raise speed limits on Florida's roadways.

Jeff Brandes, a Republican from St. Petersburg, and Jeff Clemens, a Democrat from Lake Worth, are proposing a bill that would increase limits by 5 miles per hour.

"Allowing professionals to determine safe speeds based on the engineering standards of individual highways is simply common sense," Senator Clemens said in a release. "A five mile per hour increase is unlikely to have an impact on road safety, but we'll let the experts do their job."

Current limits are 70 miles per hour on interstates, 65 miles per hour on highways with divided medians and 60 miles per hour for all others.

"My study of the research from the 17 other states that have already increased their speed limits above 70 miles per hour has led me to believe that it is time for Florida to review this statute," Senator Brandes said in a release. "This legislation allows traffic engineers to make the decision to raise the speed limit on a roadway if they believe it is safe and advisable to do so."