Report: Magic's Glen 'Big Baby' Davis throws computer at motel

Orlando Magic pay Travelodge for repairs


ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando Magic's Glen "Big Baby" Davis was caught on video destroying a computer keyboard at an Orlando motel over the weekend.

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TMZ reports that Davis, 27, tried to book a room with the front desk at an Orlando Travelodge on Saturday and was told the motel was sold out.

The video shows Davis reaching over the front desk and grabbing a keyboard, which he proceeds to rip from the front desk computer and throws across the lobby.

Police were called but Davis was not arrested.

The motel said the case has been resolved.

"I have been in contact with the Magic.  They have paid for the damages.  They have apologized.  We consider the situation resolved," said Travelodge general manager  Scott Renken.

Orlando Magic co-captain Jameer Nelson did not want to get involved in the incident.

"That's for he and the organization to handle," Nelson said. "My job is to come in today and practice."

Davis, who did not attend practice Tuesday, is continuing to receive treatment for his foot, which was broken in January.

Davis on Tuesday tweeted an apology.