Teens develop an ever-changing language to conceal drug use

Terms that sound innocent can have alternative meanings


WINTER PARK, Fla. – Is your teen robotripping on lean? Getting crunk on hydro?

These are terms and phrases that sound like another language and in some respects they are. They are drug references some are using to disguise their activity from parents, teachers and law enforcement.

Elizabeth Traynor, Director of Choices Counseling Center in Winter Park says they are terms she hears all the time. "I hear the talk from most of the young people and many times that's how  I'm getting my knowledge."

Traynor's office treats patients for drug dependency, she says teens tell her the names change all the time. What may be in fashion now can change in an instant.

"I could give you a list of 100 names and it could change tomorrow," she says. "So they (parents) may not always keep on top of a list but if a name keeps resurfacing it's for a reason." She adds that if the term doesn't fit in the context of the conversation that may also be a clue.

Here are some common terms we've gathered from a combination of sources including police, drug counselors, on-line and drug users themselves.

Remember no list is ever complete, as the names are constantly changing. Some are used regionally and may change from state to state or even city to city. In addition a term may have separate meanings in different communities.  

Ecstasy - molly (molecule) , rolls, stacks, moons,caps, X, beans, skittles, candy, E, MDMA, circles

Marijuana - trees, green, kush, dro, zona, hydro

Ketamine (an anesthetic used in humans and animals) - Special K, Vitamin K, breakfast cereal, K, Ket.

Coricidin / DXM (cough syrup) - Triple C, CCC, skittles (red pills), tussin, dexing (abusing cough syrup)

Crystal Meth - gas, shards,glass, Christina Agulara, crank, speed, chalk,

Heroin - antifreeze, dope, brown sugar, horse, tar, train

Cocaine - snow, Charlie, dust, lady, snowbird, yahoo,

Rig- needle used to inject heroin

Crunk- to get drunk and high at the same time.

Ritalin- pineapple, ritz, kiddie coke, rids

Vaping- using an e-cigarette ( There have been reports of teens putting a liquid form of marijuana in the device)

Robotripping- using cough syrup

Sizzurp- a mixture of Promethazine w/Codine syrup, fruit flavored soda and a Jolly rancher.

Traynor says that while the terms can change and it can be difficult to keep up with them, the best indication of drug use is a child's behavior. "Giving up things like sports, giving up hobbies, interests. People who when you saw them with them you felt they were inspired, all of a sudden they are not interested." 

Traynor also suggested the app "Dope Guide," available for Apple products, she says it's updated regularly and as the name implies can be a great resource for parents.

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