Company with Orlando ties gets Navy contract


ORLANDO, Fla. – Cubic Corp, a company with offices in Orlando, won a Navy contract to build simulators aimed at teaching sailors how to operate new ships. The company says the project will bring hundreds of jobs to Central Florida.

The program is dubbed Mission Bay Trainer and is a multi-year, multi-million-dollar contract.

"It a a multiple-year contract as a series of options that values north of $100-million," said Ray Barker, the company's executive vice president.

Cubic Corp already creates virtual simulators that help educate sailors on how to operate in a mission bay, the stern area of a ship from which smaller boats can be launched. But it'll integrate that technology into to-scale models.

Barker says the design and building phase can take as long as two years. Then the models will be delivered to the Navy to use at various ports during training.

The models will be built at the company's Orlando office and that means several hundred new high-tech jobs according to Barker.

"Gaming kind of people. People that can do software development," he said.

Barker says Cubic Corp also was recently awarded a contract for its virtual software, which goes along with the real-life simulators.