Engineers, crews prepare to move Capen House in Winter Park

Historic home set to be moved to new home across Lake Osceola


WINTER PARK, Fla. – Engineers and construction crews are working hard to get a historic home in Winter Park ready for a rather big move.

The Capen House on Interlachen Drive is set to be moved from the plot of land it's stood on since 1885 to a new home across Lake Osceola, at the Polasek Museum.

[PHOTOS: Crews work to move Capen House]

"This is going to be challenging," said chief contractor Frank Roark. "This is going to be very difficult. Are we going to be able to do this?"

Roark said the home is in extremely good shape for its age.

Its previous owners had restored many of the features of the house, including the electrical work, Roark said.

On Friday, the house sat cut in half, jacked up on raised pylons and ready to be moved to a waiting barge at the end of the backyard.

In order to make the move smoothly, they had to build a bridge over a swimming pool.

"We also had a dock and a boathouse directly in the way," Roark said. "We had to take it up, float them off to one side, and we have to put them back when we're finished."

The new owners of this land wanted to demolish Capen House, which was built by James Seymour Capen, one of the founding fathers of Winter Park.

After public outcry, the owners issued a Jan. 1 deadline.

The public raised the money and now, for $650,000, the house is being moved off the property, floated on a barge across a lake and settled on its new home, possibly before Christmas.

"This is really a team sport, here," said Roark. "It's not any one individual."

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