Deputies: Pharmacy employee arrested for stealing pills

Pharmacist noticed large amounts of Xanax missing


DELTONA, Fla. – Volusia County deputies said they arrested a woman for stealing prescription pills after the pharmacist noticed quantities missing.

Deputies said the owner of a Deltona pharmacy noticed that prescription pills were going missing, prompting him to alter his security measures.

Deputies said it was revealed one of the employees dumping pills into her pocket.

Deputies said 53-year-old Noemy Calzada had stolen at least 140 pills.

The owner of Deltona Pharmacy at 776 Deltona Boulevard told deputies that he had noticed a large amount of Xanax pills disappearing from his store.

The issue started about a year ago and he decided to update his video surveillance and security measures, deputies said.

Deputies said a pill management system now tracks narcotics every day and he also adjusted his video cameras to obtain better views of his medication safe.

On Thursday the owner reviewed the recorded video and saw Calzada grab a bottle of Xanax from inside the safe, despite there being no orders for the pills pending, deputies said.

Deputies said Calzada opened the bottle and poured some pills into her shirt pocket before returning the bottle.

The owner's pill management system showed that 75 2mg Xanax pills were missing that day. Calzada could be seen on video recorded on a day from the previous week doing the same thing. There were 65 of the same pills missing that day, deputies said.

The owner reported his findings the Sheriff's Office on Friday, resulting in Calzada's arrest on charges of possession of a schedule IV substance and petty theft. She was booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach.

Deputies said owner told deputies that more than 8,000 pills have gone missing from his business in a year's time. The investigation is ongoing with more charges possible.