Facebook to add 'sympathize' button?

Developers experimenting with a new button to show support

ORLANDO, Fla. –  Facebook is considering a new change in deciding whether to "like" a post or not.

Users have talked about having a "dislike" button for Facebook statuses. But developers recently said that they are testing a new "sympathize" button instead, according to a report.
The "sympathize" button would allow your friends to show support without having to "like" something.
The Huffington Post reports an engineer broke the news at a recent Facebook Hackathon.

Developers say you will be able to choose how you are feeling from a drop down list of emotions.

If you choose a negative emotion like "depressed," then the "like" button would automatically change to "sympathize" instead. This would help Facebook users who don't necessarily want to click "like" on a status update.

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