Web Extra: Holiday Tips

Black Friday and Cyber Monday gifts are beginning to arrive on your doorstep… don't let those toys and electronics end up in the hands of crooks.  Local 6 looks at what FedEx and local law enforcement are doing with homeowners to make sure your Christmas presents are safe

Links to delivery management services offered by FedEx and UPS:



Holiday Safety Tips:

Doing your last minute shopping?

  • Keep drapes closed and avoid leaving wrapped presents in plain view.

Heading out of town?

  • Be sure your home appears occupied.
  • Place lights on timers, and ask a neighbor to park in your driveway and pick up mail.
  • Request a free "House Watch" to have a deputy do regular checks on your home. Call 407-665-6650 to schedule this service - it is provided year round.
  • Don't broadcast your upcoming travel plans on social media sites and don't 'check-in' at locations when you're away from home.

After the holidays?

  • Place empty boxes from TVs, electronics, and other new purchases inside garbage bins, (leaving them by the curb could tip crooks off to the fact that pricey items are inside the home.
  • Car parked outside or on the street? Lock it, remove all valuables, and don't leave the garage door opener inside.

Does someone or something look out of place? Report suspicious activity immediately to 911.