Marine catches great white shark at California beach

Jeff Fangman fights shark for 30 minutes

Local 6: Morning News
Local 6: Morning News

SAN DIEGO – Marine Jeff Fangman caught several types of sharks during his time on the Gulf Coast. When he moved to California, he reeled in one that he thought he'd never come across.

Fangman tells KGTV that he reeled in a great white shark while he was fishing on the beach at Camp Pendleton.

The marine was recording video as he realized he was dealing with what could be his greatest catch.

"The line just started rolling off the reel," Fangman told KGTV.

After about 30 minutes, Fangman was able to pull in the great white as his wife and daughter watched in awe.

The marine kneeled down next to his catch as his wife recorded the rare experience.

After getting the video, he dragged the shark back into the water and released it.