Video shows Marion corrections officer slamming inmate's head into concrete wall

Officer Charles Broaderick arrested, placed on unpaid leave

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – A Marion County corrections officer arrested on charges of beating an inmate was released from jail Tuesday.

In dramatic video released from inside the Marion County Jail, Officer Charles Broaderick is seen slamming an inmate's head against a concrete wall and grabbing him by his throat.

Authorities say the officer crossed the line and broke the law on Oct. 8, after Ocala police arrested James Duckworth on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The arrest affidavit walks through the entire incident, minute by minute, and said Duckworth did not physically resist in any way, as Broaderick is seen on the video escorting him into a room for a Breathalyzer.

Even so, Broaderick is heard saying, "You're being treated how you're acting. You're acting like an [expletive], you're being treated as an [expletive]."

The report goes on to say Duckworth was handcuffed and the officer always had control by holding onto his shirt. The suspect even paid another officer a compliment, but everything escalated when the report says Duckworth tried to clear something from his lips and made a spitting noise.

That's when Broaderick is seen slamming Duckworth's head against the wall, grabbing him by the throat and causing Duckworth's head to bleed so badly that he needed stitches.

"You don't spit at officers," Broaderick is, again, heard saying.

The entire time, as Duckworth seems to go in and out of consciousness, Broaderick has his fist pushed against the side of the man's neck, holding him up.

The report also said each of the officers interviewed alleged Duckworth was combative, and either threw something at the officer or initiated the assault, but that video showed exactly what happened. Not once does the report call Duckworth combative.

Now, the sheriff said he's taking this behavior extremely seriously, according to a news release issued Tuesday after Broaderick's arrest. He has been placed on unpaid leave while the criminal case goes forward.

Broaderick was arrested and spent 13 minutes behind bars at the jail.