DOJ: White supremacist threatened judge, state attorney over American Front arrests

Man charged with threats to officials in investigation of white supremacist group


A Virginia man has been charged with threatening a state attorney, circuit judge and an FBI agent to release the 14 individuals charged in a white supremacist organization investigation in Osceola County, according to an indictment.

36-year-old William White, of Roanoke, has been charged with five counts of making threats in aid of extortion over the Internet and one count of the unlawful use of identification information over the threats he made to officials for arresting the 14 accused in being involved with the American Front organization.

According to the Department of Justice, White threatened Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Lawson Lamar, who charged the alleged members, four times and Florida Circuit Judge Walter G. Komanski, who presided over the case. He also threatened an FBI Task Force Agent involved in the state's prosecution.

Each communication identified in the indictment contained a threat to kidnap, torture, rape, and kill those persons and their spouses, children, and grandchildren, according to the indictment. The threats also contained the names and home addresses of those threatened.

White, who officials say is a white supremacist, faces up to 20 years in prison for each of his 5 counts.