Big Time Rush singer Kendall Schmidt lends star power to local website

GromSocial.com will feature pop star in 2014

11pm star joins grom
11pm star joins grom

ORLANDO, Fla. – When Zach Marks found out 23-year-old Kendall Schmidt of pop's Big Time Rush was joining his website to host blogs and live chats he thought he was dreaming.

The tween from Brevard County has been on a "crazy ride" since he first developed his version of Facebook for kids called GromSocial.com.

"Oh my gosh, I mean it is crazy.  I mean we have over 200,000 kids registered on the site.  It's amazing ," the curly haired teen gushed.

Local 6 first interviewed Zach and his family in 2012 when the website had roughly 5,000 members and a graphic designer. A year later, the small town website has landed venture capital investors from Silicon Valley, guest shots on MTV and Nickelodeon.  And Animal Planet added New York producers and, now, Kendall Schmidt.

Family patriarch, Darren Marks says Schmidt brings the website to a whole new level with a staggering 12 million social media followers worldwide.

"He's a big-time star, let's be honest, Marks said, we think he's going to do great things for us," Marks said.

Schmidt and Zach share the same publicist, making the new partnership an easy fit.

The pop star will be focusing on anti-bullying and health campaigns two of the top categories on the site.

Caroline Marks, 11, whose Avatar alter ego is "Ashley" was beaming when she talked about meeting Kendall Schmidt.

"He's just really cool.  I look up to him.  He has like a million or 2 million followers on social media, so it's like holy moly," she said.

Katy Guzman, a freelance producer with a resume that includes television productions with Elton John, Katy Perry, Nickelodeon and Quincy Jones, is taking on 35 Grom webisodes in 2014.

Guzman says the kids add a whole new energy to the web.

"It's cool because they're just doing what every kid does.  They love to surf, they love to skate, they love just to be kids," she said.

The Grom gang is also developing a video game based on the anti-bullying theme.

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