Stores cash in on UCF BCS fever

Knights fans buy merchandise ahead of Fiesta Bowl


ORLANDO, Fla. – In five days, University of Central Florida fans will be cheering on the Knights as they take on the Baylor Bears in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in Arizona.

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It's the Knights' first time ever in a BCS bowl game and stores are cashing in as fans stock up on merchandise.

The owner of Gator, Seminole, Knight Fever on Edgewater Drive in Orlando says the racks were filled with UCF gear, now she cannot even keep them stocked.

Jacki Fausnight told Local 6, "Oh, we were loaded. We were loaded with stuff. Championship shirts, I had gotten some Fiesta Bowl shirts, men and women and we're down to two Fiesta Bowl shirts for men."

Fausknight says for the past two years, UF has carried her store, but this year UCF gear is all the buzz. Fans like Brent Steele have been coming in to buy shirts just before they head to Arizona.

"Represent well, cheer loud, and make up for the tickets that were reportedly returned," said UCF 2002 graduate Brent Steele.

While UCF is struggling to sell tickets to their first ever BCS bowl game, it was hardly evident in the stores. Racks appeared lean and at the official UCF Bookstore on campus, new shipments just in Friday have been replacing their racks too.

"We're excited, we're excited about what the future holds and maybe get an at-large playoffs moving forward," said Steele.

Jacki will continue to reap the benefits.

Across the aisle from the UCF gear is the FSU merchandise and Jackie Fausnight says she is getting ready for a new wave of people as they get ready for the National Championship Game.