Online grocery shopping increasing in Central Florida

Online grocery stores attracting shoppers looking to save time


ORLANDO, Fla. – Add groceries to the list of items you can now buy online.

Jeremy Frederick started MarketplaceDeliveries.com after he and his wife got fed up with the weekly trips to the grocery store.

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"It was really because of laziness," Frederick said, "because we were going to store every Sunday night and it was becoming a hassle."

Frederick said his business is catching on and growing -- already moving out of his home and into a Longwood warehouse just six months after starting out.

Frederick sells items like certified organic apples, chicken breasts and steak from his website. Shoppers can add it to the online cart and then the order is delivered to the customer's doorstep each week.

When Local 6 caught up with shoppers at the traditional grocery store, many thought shopping for groceries online was worth a try.

"I probably would," said Leslie McCarrick, adding that the convenience would be a big plus with her busy schedule.

Frederick cautions that his service doesn't totally replace the traditional grocery store, but does limit the amount of trips you'd have to make. Another way shoppers could limit trips would be to buy items like cereal and paper towels from Amazon.com.

You can get a box of Cheerios delivered to your door for as little as $2.42 each, if you order the 4-pack and subscribe to have the delivery repeated, along with four other items. And it's easy to find those other items, such as a box of Special K Pastry Chips for $2.36, spaghetti for $1.68 and 10 Kraft Easy Mac Cups for $8.33.

Frederick does charge a flat $6.95 delivery fee for an entire delivery order, but he says his customers find it worth the price, when calculating the gas and time saved by shopping at his online store. He says customers also like how he buys local products from local farmers.

Frederick isn't the only one with a company delivering groceries in Central Florida. GardenGrocer.com does local deliveries, and focuses on tourists visiting the Disney area on vacation. Customers can sign up online to buy groceries without having to make the trip to the store.