More families prefer flavored, fizzy water to plain bottled water

20 percent of households buying bottled water also buy liquid flavor enhancers


ORLANDO, Fla. – Right now the water market, which is already a multi-billion dollar industry is gushing with options.

The American Beverage Association says the trends are all about choice with twenty percent of households that buy bottled water also buy "liquid flavor enhancers".

But are all these 21st century water innovations healthy?

We found some are loaded with sugar with one flavored water we looked at containing 32 grams and packing a 120-calorie punch in twenty ounces.

Some zero calorie options contain artificial sweeteners.

But in the flavored water future you may see more natural enhancers.

"You've got food technologists looking at different ways to put sweeteners together. Some new ones with the old ones," said an expert with the ABA.

Experts say specialty waters can be a tasty treat, but don't give up just plain water.

The key, as with anything, is moderation.

If you're looking to kick a flavored or fizzy water habit, experts say try mixing a piece of fruit with regular water to give it some zest.