Fugitive banker lived in Marion County grow house, deputies say

Georgia investment banker stole $17M from investors, vanished

Local 6 News at 5
Local 6 News at 5

CITRA, Fla. – A fugitive wanted for nearly two years after stealing millions was captured because of window tints on his car and deputies found out he was living in Marion County at a grow house.

Deputies said after they arrested Aubrey Lee Price, a Georgia investment banker who stole $17 million from investors before running off and being declared dead, they went to his Citra home on Jacksonville Road and found 225 marijuana plants.

Price was pulled over by police for having his car windows tinted too dark and when the deputy realized who he had pulled over, Price was arrested.

Neighbors said Price, known to them as "Jay," was renting the home and was a hard-working laborer with horses.

The FBI said Price disappeared a year and a half ago after writing a suicide note that he was going to jump off a ferry boat.

Even with Price's arrest, FBI agents don't know if the victims' money will ever be recovered.

It's not clear if Price was involved in drug dealing with the marijuana plants.