Cross-dresser shot during robbery attempt

Victim wounded when he refused to give up his purse


ORLANDO, Fla. – A cross-dresser who had just left a women's clothing store with a friend was shot by a gunman who demanded the victim's purse.

Shan Devine Sherrington was walking home near the intersection of Beecher Street and Hernandes Drive in the Pine Hills area of Orlando when he was ambushed, according to his family.

"Someone came up behind them and was like, 'Punk, give me the (explitive) bag! Give me your bag!'," said Sherrington's sister, Sierra West. "He was like, 'no.' The next thing he knows he took out the gun and started shooting."

Several bullets struck Sherrington in the leg. Immediately after the shooting, the gunman ran away without stealing anything, according to family.

"Whoever did it, they still didn't get nothing," said West. "So basically they ain't succeed in what they did."

Orange County sheriff's deputies searched for the gunman for more than two hours using canines and a search helicopter, but were they were unable to find him.

Sherrington's sister does not know if the robber mistook her brother for a woman because of the way he was dressed Friday night, or targeted him for more personal reasons.

"Why they had to shoot him? Cuz he say no?," asked West. "They knew he was a dude. And they didn't want to fight. That's probably what it was."