Controversy sparks over lost dog's return to Seminole Co. owner

Owner of dog says vet let dog go home with stranger after being found


WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. – A Seminole County man is in a desperate search for his lost dog, which ran away on New Year's Eve after getting scared by fireworks.

But what has the dog's owner so upset is that someone found the dog and brought him to a local vet, and that vet let him go home with a stranger without even a phone call.

David Harrigan told Local 6 he's been searching for his 8-year-old boxer Edgar for almost the past week.

"He's a very good dog, he's very well behaved and very lovable," said Harrigan. "I just thought he was hiding somewhere and I wasn't going to be able to find him."

However, a stranger did find Edgar and brought him to the Winter Springs Veterinary Clinic, where the dog's microchip was scanned on Thursday.

But no one from the clinic notified Harrigan that his dog had been found. He only found out after getting an email from the microchip company.

"It's ridiculous my expectation is that we microchip dogs for a reason," said Harrigan. "I hope they sleep well at night. If it was me I would feel like I hadn't fulfilled my moral obligation."

An employee at the vet clinic told Local 6 that they gave Harrigan's information to the person who found Edgar instead of calling him directly. They said they don't know the name or contact information of the woman who brought Edgar in.

Harrigan said after getting the run around from the clinic, he's hoping the woman who has the dog will pick up the phone.

"I don't have any hard feelings against the person who has him, I appreciate them," said Harrigan. "I think they owe me a phone call and a conversation."

The family said the person who found the dog also contacted the Florida Boxer Rescue and they know the identity of the woman. Local 6 has contacted the organization and haven't heard back.