Prosthetic paw for abused dog completed

Debbie found as puppy with paw chopped off, ears mutilated

Local 6 News at 6:00p

ORLANDO, Fla. – Debbie was found as a puppy with her paw chopped off and her ears mutilated, abandoned by someone who'd abused her.

Now, she's an outgoing dog who's just gotten a brand new leg.

Local 6 reported on Debbie last week during her final fitting for her prosthetic. Wednesday, clinicians made the final tweaks and Debbie walked away on four paws.

While she gets used to the prosthetic, which now features a carbon-fiber foot that gives her momentum, she may still hobble. But prosthetists think she should get more comfortable soon, eventually putting her full weight on the limb.

"She's our world. She's everything, her and her brother, and to see her being able to run and walk normally like any other dog and not be in any discomfort. It's an amazing feeling," said Debbie's new adoptive owner, Chaya Springer.

Since Debbie was rescued she's had several prosthetics, but clinicians think she's done growing and this will be her last.

An Orlando-based company, ABC Prosthetics and Orthotics, made her the new paw free of charge.

"It wasn't working properly for her. It wasn't staying on. We made her one before but she's outgrown it, but she's close to a year now so we think she won't grow too much more," said Becky Curls, of ABC Prosthetics.

ABC Prosthetics said the work normally costs hundreds of dollars, but they were so inspired by Debbie's story they're donating it.

Debbie's owner said she's eternally grateful.

"We couldn't be more blessed to have her here with them," said Springer.