Attempted robbery was result of boredom, Palm Bay police say

2 men arrested by Palm Bay police


PALM BAY, Fla. – Police say two men attempted to rob a Palm Bay thrift shop out of boredom on Tuesday afternoon.

Joshua Barrant and Elisha Glenn were arrested for armed robbery and aggravated assault by Palm Bay police after attempting to rob the thrift shop Ron's Place.

With bandanas covering their faces and gloves on their hands, the two men entered the store and pointed what appeared to be a weapon in the store owner's face. It was later discovered that the weapon was a pole inside of a Christmas stocking.

Ronald Seroski, the shop owner, recognized one of the suspects, saying, "hey JJ, is that you."

The two men fled the store on foot and Seroski called the police. The suspects were found by officers just south of the store.

Both Barrant and Glenn said it was Barrant's idea to rob the store, and Barrant said he did so because he thought it was an easy target and he was bored.