Brevard residents upset over trashed neighborhood

ROCKLEDGE, Fla. – Tony Alonso and his wife have lived in Rockledge's River Ridge subdivision for nearly two years and he says he's had the same problem since the first day he moved in.

Alonso says people are partying and leaving their trash scattered throughout his riverfront property. Since it's been an ongoing problem, he took it to the city.

"You find glasses all over the water and in the sand. You find cans. You find beer bottles. I mean, all kinds of things and I don't think it's fair," said Alonso.

The city of Rockledge owns the plot of land on Rockledge Drive where Alonso says people park their cars and party, but the beach that sits on the Indian River Lagoon belongs to the River Ridge Homeowner's Association.

Alonso asked the city to put in "no parking" signs along the right-of-way to hopefully stop others from having parties and littering right in his backyard.

He said, "It will improve quality of life. It's no only the garbage and the nuisance, but it's also an accident waiting to happen."

The city also has some of the same concerns about the parking spot as Alonso. They said that the road is narrow, curved and in some areas, too close to the riverbank.

City officials said they're going to be putting in the "no parking" signs and looking to create an ordinance that would allow Rockledge police to enforce parking tickets to anyone who is illegally parked.

"We love our neighborhood and we want to keep it that way. I think what is happening is not fair to us and the neighbors here."

Rockledge city officials met Wednesday to discuss the new ordinance, but they say there won't be a final decision until a later date.

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