Man stole Humvee, went on joyride, official says

Vehicle taken from Army Reserve training center in Sanford


SANFORD, Fla. – An Orlando man was arrested on DUI charges after, according to officials, he stole a Humvee from a U.S. National Guard facility in Sanford and went on a joyride -- because he was bored.

Jose Quinones, 19, was arrested around 9 p.m. Wednesday in Deltona on charges of grand theft, DUI, driving an unregistered vehicle and possession of marijuana, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said Quinones was under the influence of marijuana when he hopped a barbed-wire fence at the Army Reserve training center, located near the Orlando-Sanford International Airport, and stole the Humvee. 

Maj. Shawn Keller said the vehicle has an ignition switch and a chain around the steering wheel, but it was loose, allowing Quinones to make wide turns.

Quinones drove through a gated fence and went on a joyride before being pulled over in Volusia County because he was swerving and had a construction barrier lodged under the Humvee, Keller said.

"There were sparks flying out from underneath it, and when he went across the light at Howland -- right over that dip -- the barrel flew out from behind him," said a driver who called 911.  "And I was right behind him and I had to swerve."

Quinones, described by deputies as very confused, was pulled over but could barely stand and was mumbling, officials said. 

A marijuana cigarette was found in the Humvee, deputies said.

Quinones was arrested and taken to jail.

"Yeah, we'll go through and look at the chains and replace that ones that need to be replaced.  If they're older, the chains are a little looser.  We'll go back and replace the chains and put in better control measures like that," Keller said.

The extent of damage to the Humvee was not known.