Mystery object found in V8 drink

Woman gets nauseous after finding 'pork skin'-like object


MERCEDES, Texas – The drink smelled rotten. Something was rattling inside. Crystal Rodriguez knew something was wrong after taking a sip of her V8 Fusion.

[IMAGES:  Mystery object found in can of V8  (Warning: Graphic content)]

Rodriguez was grabbing her routine late night snack on Saturday -- a V8 Fusion and a protein bar. However, one sip of the V8 led to a weekend full of health problems.

"I opened it and when I took a drink out of it, I spit it out because it tasted horrible," Rodriguez told KGBT-TV.

Rodriguez poured out the drink and heard something moving around inside the can. She cut the can open to find out what was inside.

"It looks like the [pork skins] but just nastier," Rodriguez said. "The bottom of it had like black it's dipped in and it looked like it had little eyes and a little mouth."

Rodriguez says she was in and out of the bathroom for the rest of the weekend.

"I just feel nauseous and my stomach is grumbling," Rodriguez said. "I haven't really been able to eat any breakfast or anything. I just want to vomit."

Rodriguez's symptoms forced her to go to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a bacterial infection in her stomach.

V8 Fusion plans to send a representative to Rodriguez's home to pick up the mystery object and look into what it is and how it got into the drink.