Burglar sought after safe stolen from DeLand skydiving facility

Stolen safe was located, missing an undisclosed amount of cash


DELAND, Fla. – Police are investigating a theft at a skydiving facility in DeLand after a safe was stolen.

Sky Dive DeLand manager William Stampfle told police on Monday morning he realized that a safe had been stolen from the building.

After arriving on the scene, police said they noted signs of forced entry on the building's doors and windows. Additionally, a flag was placed inside of the building to obstruct the view of the building's only functioning camera.

Police also found a screwdriver that had been removed from a desk drawer next to the open window, according to a report.

The safe was located close to a treeline on the north end of the airport. One side of the safe had been completely removed, and there were papers and cash on the ground next to the safe. An undisclosed amount of money had been taken from the safe, police said.

Police found a hand print on the window but video from the surveillance video was not able to be obtained.

Stampfle told police that no employees have resigned or been terminated in the past two years. The employees interviewed were not able to identi,fy a possible suspect that would have knowledge of where the screwdriver was kept.

Anyone with information regarding this case should contact the DeLand Police Department.