Customers upset over misleading gas price sign in Orange County

Gas station lists discounted price at pump with car wash purchase in small print

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The Insider

ORLANDO, Fla. – Customers in Orange County are upset that they say a sign at a gas station is tricking them into thinking the prices at the pump appear to be cheaper than they really are.

As of Wednesday, the Mobil station at the corner of Clarke Road and Silver Star in Ocoee has two signs out front that say the price of a regular gallon of gasoline is $3.45. Across the street, the gas station lists the price at almost 20 cents higher.

Upon closer inspection, Local 6 found the sign includes the words "with car wash" in small print next to the $3.45 price of regular gas per gallon. Right below it the price of without the car wash is listed as $3.65. Customers say that the sign is misleading.

"It fooled me because I would have went across the street," said customer Aretha Tobe. "They got me! I'm just going to say they got me. Because that really fooled me."

Local 6 attempted to talk to the gas station manager, but she locked the door and asked Local 6 to leave.

The store owner told Local 6 by phone that the car wash price is a good deal because you can get your car washed for as little as $6 and still save 20-cents per gallon.

The owner told Local 6 both prices - with car wash and without car wash - are on the sign and that he's not hiding anything. When asked about making the words bigger, the owner told Local 6 that people will still complain and that people should read the sign more closely and get glasses.

Customers say that gas station should be honest.

"Be honest," said customer Fanny Mactavish. "Don't put it in fine little print!"

The owner says the sign and the promotion will not be changed, as the promotion has increased business by 20 percent.

There is no law against the promotion or the signs posted at the gas station.

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