New mom didn't know she was pregnant

Mom: No 'obvious signs' of pregnancy


SEYMOUR, Conn. – Newborn Cole Dillman weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces. No one realized he was coming into the world, however, until the day he was born.

Jennifer Scollin, of Seymour, says within the past nine months, there were no obvious signs indicating she was pregnant. Scolling already had a daughter and didn't experience anything similar to her first pregnancy.

"It was nothing comparable to how I was with her," Scollin told WFSB-TV. "I could see my belly move and her fists and her foot. This time, I didn't even think I had an enormous belly."

Suddenly, on March 29, she felt sick and told her husband she needed to go to the hospital. She would never make it there.

"All of a sudden, it felt like when I was giving birth the first time," Scollin told WFSB-TV. "I said [to my husband], 'I don't know what it is. You need to come home.'"

Before the ambulance arrived, Scollin's water broke. It was at that moment she realized what was happening.

"It was a blur," Scollin said. "I pushed twice and they were like, 'You have a baby boy.'"

Emergency medical technicians delivered Cole in the driveway of Scollin's home.

"How could you not know you have this little thing growing inside of you from week after week? I believe it now," Scollin said.